No more pencils, no more books… school’s out for the summer… But there’s still hard work happening at Seaside Neighborhood School.  O’Connell and Associates, along with C-Sharpe, started the first of many renovation projects on SNS’s 20+ year old buildings with replacing windows in all three buildings this summer. There are over 100 windows to be updated and hopefully most will able to be salvaged for a new purpose: the Visions of Our Future fundraiser.

This is an opportunity for us to celebrate our unique local and regional artist community and support the Seaside Neighborhood School’s window renovation project. Our neighborhood charter school has been instilling creativity and a genuine appreciation for art in students’ lives for 25 years! Seaside teachers take pride in giving students access to art instruction and appreciation that enables them to grow into well-rounded, creative, thoughtful community members. As we look forward to this celebration, we ask you to become a part of this special milestone.

With the Visions of Our Future project, you will use the salvaged paned windows from our historic school buildings to show what your vision for the future is. Any style of art is encouraged and welcomed; we want your vision to shine. The repurposed windows will be sold with intention to fund the window renovations. We have a limited number of windows in a variety of sizes. They will be available in early July and the finished windows will be unveiled for our 25th year anniversary kicking off this August.

To find out more, become a part of this celebration of art education, and support our schools, please contact Teresa Horton, Seaside School Foundation Director: [email protected] or 513.578.9555.

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